Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Food Trend

One of the amazing things about NYC is how simple everyday foods are transformed into something glamourous that everyone wants to try (probably due to good marketing). Take Christina Tosi and Dylan Lauren who took pastries (Momofuku's Milk Bar) and candy (Dylan's Candy Bar) to a whole new level, or even Tropicana's spin on OJ (seen below)! Yet, even being aware of such mainstream, "hipster" food, we're still so drawn to it. Perhaps it's part hype and part curiousity - but there's something about this food trend that keeps us coming back for more.

Start the day with some NY OJ! 

Hop into a cab and check out some of the sights along the way to your destination

Taking in the beautiful weather, the quaint neighbourhood...

...and some of the street artwork

Of course, no trip is complete without a trip to Dylan's Candy Bar...

...or Magnolia's Bakery :)

Lunch stop: Pastis!

Some Coq au Vin to re-charge the batteries

A visit to the amazing dining spaces at Eataly 

And some of the gourmet goodies that can be found there too. 

Momofuku's Milk Bar

Complete with shelves of various cookies...

and Crack Pie :) 

Glimpses of NYC

NYC never ceases to amaze me. Whether it's the sound of honking horns, the smell of chestnuts on the street, the sight of Times Square lit up, the feel of the cement pavement below your feet, or the taste of Shack burgers from Shake Shack - your five senses are heightened the very second you step into the city. The next couple of pictures are just a glimpse of some of the many things you can find in this vibrant metropolis.