Thursday, 22 September 2011

Henna Night

So remember the roses the bride and her sister were wearing on their hands in the last post? Did you figure out why they wore it? Well it was a part of kina gecesi - henna night. The rose is applied on top of the henna in order to help it dry. Here are some pictures from the rest of the night -  hopefully it will give you a sense of this wonderful tradition that I was lucky enough to partake in. 

The Henna 
Traditional set up for Kina Gecesi

Roses (left) & Goody bags filled with nuts (right)

Applying the henna
(Nope, not the intricate, detailed patterns that you normally see, but they do do that sometimes)

The rose 

The stain left behind 
(took 3 weeks for it to completely come off) 

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  1. it seems like you've been adopted by a Turkish family with all the local-events-posts! very good pics. waitin to see what streetfashion is in now in Toronto...x