Friday, 16 September 2011

Not Your Typical Ice Cream

Ice cream was the perfect accompaniment to the sweltering heat in Turkey, so when I saw these ice cream vendors in Taksim square, I ran to the closest one looking for salvation. Let me point out that this ice cream is special. No, not that kind of special. This ice cream (called "dondurma") is only found in Turkey. What makes it different from your typical ice cream is its' thick texture and resistance to melting. However, getting the ice cream from these guys is not so easy.... You'll see why.

Churning the dondurma

Chocolate dondurma!

Yes folks, he really is spinning the ice cream like its' pizza dough

Vendors like to tease the customers by handing the dondurma on a stick (without the cone), taking it away and putting it on a cone, flipping the cone over (as seen above), taking it away again, then finally giving it to you. This poor guy had a hard time getting his ice cream (as did I)...

But I eventually got it!

Happy Friday everyone!
Enjoy an ice cream cone this weekend before it gets too chilly :)

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  1. I fail to comprehend how this works... I think a trip to Turkey is now a must to figure this out ;)