Saturday, 11 February 2012

Foodie's Paradise

After all that talk about Taiwan and all it has to offer, I thought it only fair to prove to you the amazing foods they have to offer. Warning: May cause you to salivate. 

Beard Papa's  

Various Flavoured Mochi  

 Traditional Taiwanese sweets

 A Taiwanese spin on an American staple

Dim sum found at a bakery

Local Taiwanese Delicacies: Tofu with Preserved Egg (left) and Bamboo shoots (right)

Another local delicacy: Squid on a stick

Grilled Mushrooms

A spin on Doraemon's favourite Dorayaki

Flavoured honey on a stick

Dad enjoying some more local favourites - dough covered with crushed peanuts!

To Be Continued... Can you handle it? 

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