Saturday, 25 February 2012


One of the many beautiful things in India is the various textiles all over the country. From turbans to musical instruments, there is so much life, beauty and colour in these handmade pieces of art. They also give us a glimpse into India's culture and traditions. Here's a sample of some the beautiful textiles that I stumbled upon during my trip. 


Handbags at the market


 Engravings on the outer walls of the Taj Mahal

 Tools used for Block Printing 

The result

Natural stones used to make paint 

 Yellow Paint 
(Neat tidbit: In order to produce this colour, farmers feed elephants with mango leaves (which apparently make their urine more yellow), then they leave the urine to dry in the sun - and voila - yellow paint!)

Traditional Oil Painting 

Traditional, handmade wooden crafts 

A beautifully crafted musical instrument 

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