Thursday, 28 July 2011

Schiermonnikoog (Part 2)

So we finally arrive to the other end of Schiermonnikoog (to one of the beaches), only to find no parking! (Yes folks, this is what the parking lot looked like when we got there.)

Luckily, we found a spot at the end of one the fences. After locking up the bike, we headed down to the beach, had lunch, and took a walk in the water.

As we headed back to our bike, we were surprised by all the outgoing traffic! But we managed to get out without crashing into anyone :)

As we headed back downtown, we stopped at Bernstorff aan Zee for a drink. Although we didn't try the food, it's still worth visiting because of the amazing view from the outdoor patio!


Bernstorff aan Zee: Badweg 117, Schiermonnikoog

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  1. Your pictures remind me of the beach in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (in Montak?)