Thursday, 21 July 2011


What better way to walk off breakfast than to do a little shopping.
Where? The local markets!

Groningen has two main markets located in two different spots downtown. They are open Tuesday to Friday, rain or shine. The first market is located in front of City Hall (shown in the first post) and sells mainly clothing, fabrics, and flowers. The second, located behind City Hall, offers a taste of local and international foods (of course, I spent more of my time at the latter).

Here are just some of the many things Groningen markets have to offer...

Now, this fish stand is particularly special because it sells a traditional Dutch fish that most locals eat: Hollandse Nieuwe 

 (I apologize for the reflection)

And this is how they eat it...

Nice and raw on a simple hamburger bun.
(Another way to eat it is to simply drop the fish into your mouth!)

And no, I did not try it. Maybe another time :)

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