Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Welkom in Groningen!

Holland is well known for cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam, but people are not as familiar with other great cities like Groningen. A beautiful university city, Groningen is 2 and half hours North of Amsterdam and is situated close to the Dutch/German border. Groningen has so much to offer for tourists and students alike, including quaint local shops, colourful marketplaces, and restaurants filled with delicious Dutch delicacies.

I'm here visiting my friend Sandra and during the next couple of days I'll be posting pictures of some of the great things that Groningen (and Holland) have to offer!

So just to whet your appetite...

Het Stadhuis en Grote Markt
(City Hall and the Local Marketplace)

Local bars around Grote Markt
The perfect place to enjoy a beer and the beautiful weather

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