Thursday, 4 August 2011

Den Haag

To finish off my week and a half in Holland, Sandra and I decided to end it in Den Haag (The Hague). Unfortunately, the weather was not so welcoming, but we still managed to visit the Queen and the Prime Minister before the weather got worse. 

 The Queen's Coat of Arms 

 Her Majesty's Office 

The Prime Minister's Office (left)

Parliament across the moat

The other side of Parliament  
(we swam across the moat. kidding)

A little tidbit about Parliament: there are two entrances. 
Now that might seem quite ordinary, but the reason for the second entrance is interesting. Every year the Queen comes to Parliament by carriage, unfortunately her carriage doesn't fit through the original entrance (seen above) and therefore a second entrance needed to be built. One entrance to uphold a long standing tradition.

More Parliament

After visiting her Majesty and the PM, we headed downtown...

But then it started pouring buckets so we sought shelter in restaurants and cafes. So I've compiled a list (which will be my next post) of all the good eats around town for any of you who get the chance to visit Den Haag :) (and hopefully the weather will be more cooperative).

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