Friday, 5 August 2011

Gastro Guide to Den Haag

As promised, here is a list of some of the restaurants and cafes we tried out. I also included some other places that we didn't get a chance to try (because we were already eating 5 meals a day!) but were recommended/looked interesting to try out (so if you ever get a chance to go, let me know how it is!)

Eet Smakelijk!

't Ogenblik 
Tired of the cold and the rain, we stumbled upon this cute cafe. The menu is fairly standard, serving different kinds of sandwiches, pies, and drinks. What is great about this place is the decor and its homey atmosphere. The servers there are also just as warm and welcoming.  
Address: Molenstraat 4c

Het: Heden 
 If you're looking for a place for High Tea - this is it!
Noordeinde 148

A great Greek restaurant hidden behind the shops of downtown. Their meat dishes are full of flavour and super juicy. If you're super hungry after a full day of exploring, I recommend ordering the Mixed Grill  
(the plate is packed with different types of Greek style meat).
Kerkplein 1

Tikibar Vavoom 
Ok, we didn't get a chance to try this place, but I was instantly attracted to it after I seeing its' Tiki theme exterior and the sign above :)
(there are also other great restaurants just down the same street!)
Grote Markt 29

This restaurant has the best of both worlds: indoors and outdoors. If you're like me and like to people-watch sit outside without getting soaked on a rainy day, this is place to do it.  
Passage 3-7

Other recommendations:

Van Prinse & Co
They prepare picnic baskets for you!
Prinse Straat 134

Bij HeM
The owners, Eric and Mike, visit their restaurants frequently and enjoy talking to customers (according to a Dutch magazine). Unfortunately, we did not have the pleasure of meeting them.
Molenstraat 21

Homemade Italian food!
Molenstraat 30

Again, we didn't get a chance to try this place, but it comes highly recommended for breakfast and lunch.  We wanted to have lunch here, but they locked the doors (while there were customers inside!). We figured someone was having a private party there... 
Molenstraat 63

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