Saturday, 27 August 2011

"In Memory"

One of the great things about Toronto is how the city changes when the sun sets - it becomes a playground for Torontonians. Whether it's going to a club in the Entertainment District, a bar in Little Italy, a movie at the Polson Pier Drive-In, or one of the many street events, there are endless adventures waiting for you in downtown Toronto. On this particular night, I had the opportunity to check out an art exhibit on Queen St. East where my friend Jess was presenting an installation. In Memory was an exhibit showcasing artwork on the "instability of memory - "using 'remembering' as part of their creative process, and 'memories' as material". One of the memorable parts of the exhibit was the choice in venue. Since the artwork focused on remembering a past memory, the curators chose an old funeral parlour to showcase the pieces. A suitable choice, wouldn't you agree?

The Exterior 

The Interior

(Click the photo to enlarge the description for the piece below)

Mmmm... Roti :)

Other samples of artwork

Hmmm... should I take a quick nap? 

(Click the photo to enlarge the description of Jess's piece)

Jess's Artwork :)

Her Maus Mask 
(Art Spiegelman would be proud!)

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